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Health Resources | Fit4Health

Health Resources

These are some of my favorite tried-and-true health resources, products, and tools to help you achieve your weight loss and health & wellness goals.

I use every single one of these products myself. Even if you aren’t ready or interested in holistic health coaching or online health coaching programs, these products will support your nutritional needs, provide a comprehensive, expert exercise routine, and will educate you on proper weight loss techniques.

Set yourself up for success with some of the best programs in the industry. If you have any questions at all about these health resources, please contact me so I can help!

Nutritional Shake

Get Fit4Health with this complete, high quality nutritional shake. This shake is not only high in protein, but it is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Lose weight and reduce cravings.

Supplements & Lab Testing

Get Fit4Health with Life Extension’s high-quality and pure supplements. Use their supplement guide to choose the products right for you. They even offer lab testing services from diabetes and cardiac care, to heart health, hormone panels, nutrition and more.

Exercise Programs

Get Fit4Health with world-class Beachbody programs including 80 Day Obsession™, 21 Day Fix®, PiYo®, and Core De Force™. Want to lose weight, get fit, and burn serious calories? Receive over 700 workouts including yoga, cardio, dance, and strength with calendars & trackers.

Educational Courses

Get Fit4Health with Darleen Barnard’s online, self-paced educational programs!  For individuals who want professional guidance to lose weight and  health and wellness professionals seeking new tools and resources to help your clients reach their full potential.